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click here for our Team Orientation Manual (updated December 2017) *current Orientation Manual is under review and will be updated soon   

2020 Outreach Season prices 

-Ground Cost for a team of 13 and up ...$1300 per person.  If your team is less than 13 it will increase to $1350 per person.

-In addition to the ground cost each team member will need to pay for a Mozambique Visa estimated cost $180

-Each team member will also need to pay for round trip airfare to OR Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg, South Africa.

So, you’re wondering about going on a short-term mission trip with Samaria Mission?

There are a whole lot of positive and a lot of negative things that have been said about short-term mission trips.  Well, almost anything you say about short-term missions worldwide could or could not be true because generalizations can be dangerous.  On the positive side, is it producing new missionaries? Yes, there are cases of that.  Is it giving people a greater vision, and taking people across cultures into places they would never have gone on their own? Yes, absolutely.

But on the negative side, are there places where it's doing cultural harm?  Yes.  Are there places where people are coming in with incredible cultural insensitivity and maybe undermining the long-term work that's being done?  Yes.  So short-term missions is all over the place.  As Paul Borthwick said, “It's big, it's untamed, and the results, I would say, are kind of random at the moment.”

For us at Samaria Mission, there are some goals we would like to see achieved when Christians commit to coming on a short-term mission trip with us.  Here are some goals, and these goals are in a context of fitting into a bigger picture, where it needs to compliment the long-term missionaries work and goals. 

-Help the person connect deeper with God…hear His heart for service to Him.
-Not harm the work being done by being Christ-like in attitude and practise.
-To give first-hand experience in the service of our Lord outside of their own church.
-To develop a passion for the ‘unreached’…within a foreign language and culture.
-To build a vision for life.
-To potentially serve as a stepping stone into full-time service in missions.
-To increase the burden for prayer.
-For each participant to become more effective in their own church.

I hope this will give you a better perspective of what we want to see being achieved through short-term mission trip.  So what is holding you back from signing up to come on outreach?  

Outreaches are a very important tool in teaching short-term teams about the context in which we are ministering and to experience cross-culture ministry firsthand.  Teams use the chronological Bible teaching of New Tribes Mission in helping the people to grasp the bigger picture of the Scriptures.  Hut-to-hut visitation gives teams opportunities to share the gospel and pray with those who are visited, they also get to share their testimony of God’s work in their lives at the nightly church services. It is always a blessing to be able to be a part of this ministry and to see God at work in the hearts of our partners.   Your team can participate in a two week outreach to Mozambique where you will camp in tents within the local village.

You Will Participate Daily In:

Team devotions

Hut to Hut visitations

Men’s, Women’s & Children’s ministry


Practical ministry

Evening Worship Services

Your Accommodations Will Include:

2-man tents and warm bedding

Hot showers

Clean toilets