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Translation Ministry

We hope that you will take a few minutes to watch this video about our translation ministry.

Samaria Mission’s Translation Ministry is an ongoing ministry that provides a tremendous opportunity to be more effective by providing the teaching materials in Xitsonga language, which is spoken in the areas of our ministry.  We are now able to provide pastors and leaders in the villages we are working alongside with Biblical curriculum in their own language.

Having material in their own language will contribute constructively in the growth of the church in Mozambique and South Africa, more especially among those who cannot read English.   Currently the full Bible is available in Xitsonga but there is a great need to develop teaching material in the Xitsonga language.   It is a great joy to know that this will go beyond our lifetime and will move from one generation to another to assist in teaching God’s Word to the people.

Aaron Ndove, Derrick Chauke and Member Ngobeni are highly involved in the translation ministry, both Aaron and Member do the translation and Derrick does the proofreading and editing. They have two books completed and currently two more books are about to be finished.

A note from a friend of Samaria Mission ...
Member, Aaron and Derrick have been faithfully working to get literature translated into Xitsonga. Almost no teaching literature is available in their language and these guys have spent many ,many hours working on this. Samaria Mission has set up a translation fund to help continue and further the work. It helps cover paying part of these guys support and for printing costs. They need about $4,000 (R48,000) per year to fund this part of the ministry. Many people gave to fund it for the first two years but we are now in that second year and need to raise more to keep it funded. Would you consider donating some to see this fantastic work continue? I know as a teacher that nothing helps more in teaching then for each person and pastor to have the materials in their own hand to use and work with after the missionaries and teams leave. I BELIEVE God has blessed the mission with these extremely talented men in part so they can help bring the truth of his Word to more of his people. 
-Jeff Morris (San Angelo, Texas)

A note from one of the Pastors we work closely with in Mozambique ...
Thank you for all your help and support to the good work by Samaria Mission. This is helpful to many.  Many pastors are more effective.  I believe with the material in Xitsonga it is easy and understandable when reading. My prayer is to see the church growing. On behalf of the Mozambican  people, I thank God who is and will continue to enable this work through the Mission and all His children.  May our awesome God richly bless all people and prayers.
-Pastor Masango (Mabuzane, Mozambique)