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Mission Outreaches & Projects

Samaria Mission relies on partners in ministry through relationships built during short-term mission outreaches. Without these vital partnerships we would not be able to function as we do. Outreaches and Projects are ongoing activities within the mission.

With our projects we listen to the needs of the local churches then we try to assist them in a practical way such as drilling a well or teaching basic principles of farming.    We have been drilling water wells and installing hand pumps since 2002.  This ministry falls in line with our conviction that we need to not only bring the gospel to these remote areas but also to improve their living conditions by providing fresh, clean drinking water, this is part of our Social Upliftment Ministry. This well drilling ministry started with a small drilling rig that used a lawn mower engine to drive the drill. It was successful but a painstaking job.  We then built our own rig, and this was slightly more successful, but now we have received this new factory built rig and our capability is greatly improved.

Outreaches are a very important tool in teaching short-term teams about the context in which we are ministering and to experience cross-culture ministry firsthand.  Teams use the chronological Bible teaching of New Tribes Mission in helping the people to grasp the bigger picture of the Scriptures.  Hut-to-hut visitation gives teams opportunities to share the gospel and pray with those who are visited, they also get to share their testimony of God’s work in their lives at the nightly church services. It is always a blessing to be able to be a part of this ministry and to see God at work in the hearts of our partners. 

We encourage you to take time to watch this video to get an idea of what our outreaches and projects involve.  We invite you to contact us about getting a team together and joining us on outreach.